Sunday, 31 May 2009

Work in the garden

I have been busy in the garden since I got home. What follows is definite actions - not general weeding.
On Saturday I transplanted some of the first sowing of lettuces to make another row. I also thinned the beetroot.
On Sunday, we spotted the work of a badger in a prostrate conifer. It had dug a hole out sideways, it could not go down because of the rock being only a few inches below the surface. It had damaged the plant a fair amount but not done itself much good. It has not been back. You can see the fawny under-belly hair.

That day, we scattered Elizabethd's French seeds.

Monday was just weeding, hoeing in the veg garden etc. Tuesday, I went with G to the RVI for a check-up by his dermatologist consultant. He was discharged. Wednesday as Monday.

On Thursday, the Tree of Idleness (ref Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell) was moved to the front of the house for the summer. I should explain that LD used to drink under the Tree of Idleness. When we visited the place, we found the drinking hole and the owner gave me a handful of seed from the tree. I sowed it and forgot about it for two years, after which one germinated and it is growing nicely in a large pot. It gives me much pleasure.

My two Azaleas were sunk in the ground in front of the greenhouse (as usual) My two original Cymbidiums and the 4 remaining 'babies' from Madeira, now quite old but yet to flower, were moved from the greenhouse to the cold frame. I potted on two Abutilon cuttings (Nabob) that had rooted. I have an orange Abutilon that needed potting on too - it was already quite big and flowering well. It looks happy in its larger pot. Then I tackled the two hanging baskets, a job I do not enjoy, though the result usually gives me much pleasure. I think the colours may clash this year - I wait with baited breath. If they are reasonable, I will post a picture as they mature.

Next day, Friday, Petunias were put in a couple of containers by the front door. Lobelia, Crystal Palace (a very deep blue variety) were planted to line two narrow and short accesses to the two lawns. Mini hard work that - the soil was not exactly receptive - but they look fine now. Yesterday, I planted a Weigela florida 'Monet' in a bed where there was once a cherry. The area where the cherry grew is very difficult and I have tried a number of things. Hoping for better luck with the Weigela.

Maybe that does not sound much, but in amongst it I have hoed the vegetable garden and done quite a lot of work on the ornamental garden, where it is like the Forth Bridge. When you finish the first round, as I did before we went away, you have to start again. I have finished going round the smaller lawn today and tomorrow start on the larger one.

Shortly I will be able to plant the runner beans, which germinated well and are growing fast, and the courgettes should develop proper leaves soon, so will then plant them. They germinated well too. The broad beans will need supporting. Another sowing of lettuces is due and the weeds continue to grow despite the lack of rain for the last few days. Soon, there will be pruning of spring-flowering shrubs ...........I lurve gardening...........

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