Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Early April in the Garden

I have a great shortage of colour in what should be a lovely spring garden. As in many places, we are about a month behind. I have taken pictures of what I have got. First, though, here is the new project.
The Pagoda Arbour was delivered this morning. It forms a long needed focal point at the end of the path between the herbaceaus borders. Before, along the wall was a Russian Vine. It was meant to hang over the wall, but first the East wind blew it in, then the snow came and flattened it to half its height. This was the trigger to my getting it out and doing a bit of re-designing. The second picture gives a good idea of the area it covered - from the left of the arbour to the conifer. It was kept in check by vigorous pruning. It did the task for which it was planted - it filtered the winds that hit the wall.

Now we come to the flowers in bloom at the moment.
This Helibore is one of several. There is a dark mauve one that is no good for photographing, as its heads hang down even more than this one.I thought I should include this picture of death! You have seen its wonderful sunny presence before, as it lit a darkish spot by the little gate from the stable yard to the main garden. I dare say it will come again from the bottom if I cut it back, but it would be more sensible to start again. I just hope the old tub that it is in stands up to the change-over

The little daffodils should have been out over a month ago. Today, two days after this picture they are almost making it.
A couple of clumps of crocus. I have very few left - I think the mice eat them. I must make a resolution to plant more, as I love them.

Last, but not least, we have these Hyacinths. They were grown for Christmases several years ago and this year they are better than ever. And really hardly late at all. Funny things plants!