Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trip to the South, stage 2

On Sunday, we wended our way up to the second Severn Bridge and across into Wales. Then all the way to the far West of Pembrokeshire and a Guest House in Trefin. I had picked this place on the Net, but could not have chosen better. We were greeted by the most welcoming host, who gave us a thorough tour and explained the "rules" - only the way things are done there.

When I looked out of our bedroom window, this is what I saw:

I have to admit that that first day, it was cloudy and very windy and the grass had not been cut! This was taken at the end of our stay.

Monday was a rest day for G but exciting for me. Sadly, a message was taken for me early on to say that Celtic Heart would not be able to join us as her mother had been poorly in the night, so could not be left alone, to care for CH's father. However, I set off to Newport, near Fishguard, getting there a few minutes late. There, by the entrance to the car park, were two girls - tall, good-looking and very clearly two Purple Cooers. I waved like mad as I drove in and so the three of us met up - ChrisH and Preselli Mags. We walked up to a caffe called The Canteen - a very strange name for a very nice place. We talked and talked and laughed and analysed our Purple Friends and drank coffee and had soup and all too soon, the others had to make tracks back into their real lives. I returned to base where G had had a pleasant day, recharging his batteries and walking. Not a picture was taken. I had my camera but did not use it. Sorry folks!

On Tuesday, I achieved a long-held dream. A visit to St. David's Cathedral. This time pictures can do the talking -
Cathedral and Bishop's Palace.

The sloping nave

Fan Vaulting in the tower

A good place to make a home.

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Just a few from the Bishop's Palace.

This is going up as it is, I will edit it more tomorrow.


Pondside said...

Well I'm glad I've had a look before you edit, as I'd hate to miss a bit of it. The pictures are very good - wouldn't I love to see this for real!
It sounds like you had a lovely meeting with the other purple people - lucky you!

Cait O'Connor said...

I know Newport well, we stay there sometimes, a friend has a cottage there. I adore Pembrokeshire, wish I could have joined you.

blackbird said...

Oh, how I envy you your trip and visit with PM and ChrisH. But, I will come to visit at some point- thinking and planning and dreaming now.

I love the photos that you took but the one with the nest in St. David's arms is priceless.

ChrisH said...

Stop it, Withy, you're making us blush! It was a really enjoyable meeting - I have been drawing on the memories during a very trying week. The good news is I posted my final piece of work yesterday - hurray!

And, PCers, our Withy is no slouch in the looks dept, with very beautiful blue eyes.

Calico Kate said...

Great phots - esp the last one a dog like gargoyle.
What a gorgeous view for your first day too.

bodran... said...

Lovely pictures i love the nest what a clever bird,I've not been to st davids for a few years but i remember it fondly x

Salle de Bain said...

Next time girls, just hop on that ferry (the one with the big green shamrock on the side), and come over for a cuppa and a slice of brack.

Weather looked good in the photo Withy...lovely views. Glad you had a good day.

seashell cosmos said...

Withy, thank you for posting these. What a beautiful place!!!