Friday, 1 May 2009

May has arrived.

Let's not waste time, on with the flowers:

Some will be named, some won't. You can offer names, or ask - as you will.

I am afraid this water plant/flower is a bit eaten by some hungry insect.

I love both these plants and their fluffy seed heads

This is the original Osmanthus delavayii. It is beginning to go over now, but still shines in the dusk. The baby is in the bed behind.

Kerria japonica fl pl (double flowered) makes you think the sun is our, even when it isn't.

This pink thing is great at this time of year, but tries to take over.

Clematis armannii is a favourite of mine. It has Ernest Markham growing amongst it for later on.

What is this bright marsh plant?

These Bergenia lighten their corner for now and their leaves being there all winter is a bonus.

Aubretia out now, geranium to follow, lavender at the back and David Austin roses to flower above them. There is a self-sown 'hedge' of potentilla behind the lavender

More aubretia with box balls that are beginning to get more solid. Sad about the anti-rabbit wire.

This anemone fills my heart with joy.

Amelanchia and cut-leafed golden elder behind cotoneaster

Another sort of amelanchia - only takeable from a window on the back stairs that does not open at this time of year, so taken through glass.


Milla said...

Milla's moans! (beneath) - the cheek! and, actually, Cait was pretty quick off the mark, too, (such nice people, the PCers) anyway, moving swiftly on, what a lovely collection of photos, I so adore this time of year with all the greens that bright, yellowy green.

Celtic Heart said...

Oh, Withy! Such joyful beauty. I love the very first one, like a yellow pillow, the best, whatever it is! I, too, am a huge fan of the seed heads of the Pasque Flower. Carol Klein rightly highlighted it as a favourite not to be dead headed!

ChrisH said...

Gosh, so much colour in your lovely garden. We're way behind here.

Cait O'Connor said...

That anemone is breathtakingly beautiful Withy.
Your garden is gorgeous with all those colourful plants.

LittleBrownDog said...

Lovely pictures, Withy. I've got a Kerria, and I didn't realise it, but recognise it from your pictures. And I love that anemone, too.

Pondside said...

Ah Withy - spring is well and truly established in your corner of the world. I want all of those flowers!! The Kerria is gorgeous - I'd never seen one until we moved to the coast. You're right - they make me think of sunshine too.
I loved your meme, too. Can just imagine you in your beaver vest, secataurs in hand, surveying your kingdom.


Hello Withy, the little yellow flowers with leaves that look like Lesser Celandine is simply a marsh marigold, isn't it? Lovely pix, your borders remind me a bit of here. It looks beautiful.