Monday, 4 May 2009

A Baptism, continuing Flower Festival, Food and Craft Fayre and a Baroque Concert

Sunday morning saw Kirkharle Church nearly full with about 50 people for a Baptism with Eucharist. Surrounded by all the beautiful flower arrangements and with the joy of a Baptism, it was a service to be remembered. It is rather sad that the wee fellow will not remember any of it but surely his parents will treasure the memory - and the Godparents too, I shouldn't be surprised.

An hour or two later, I was on duty in the Church and it was a rewarding job because most of the visitors really appreciated the flowers and the interesting Church. The weather was cold but mostly dry, though there were showers about, with hail in them. A reasonable number of people kept the craftsmen/women and food providers busy in Kirkharle Courtyard.

Monday was expected to be the really busy day though, being a Bank Holiday. And what happened? We woke to heavy overcast and a bitter wind and damp in the air, with occasionally more determined wet. All the same, a surprising number of people turned out to visit the Fayre, but not the huge numbers that they have come to expect.

In the afternoon there a was a concert in the Church, by Plura Videte Baroque. Again the Church was full with people standing at the back. The ensemble consisted of two girls playing violins, one playing the Viola, and two men, one on the 'cello and one on the harpsichord. They had played for several years as part of the University of York Baroque Ensemble. They are now a Chamber Ensemble and are passionate about creating exciting, historically informed performances of both chamber and solo works. We heard both, including a solo harpsichord piece which was astonishing when you know that the player had recently broken the 3rd finger of his right hand in 2 places. It was splinted with the middle finger.

After the concert, a friend and I warmed up in the Coffee House with a cup of tea, a freshly baked current scone, butter and strawberry jam. As we left, at 4.30ish, there were still a lot of cars in the parks, despite the worsening weather. We are a tough lot in Northumberland.


Celtic Heart said...

What a wonderfully busy weekend you have had. Bank Holiday does not mean time off for so many! lol. Did the newest member of the flock have someone video the event? I am somewhat envious of everything you have had going on this weekend at your church.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to find your blog. We attended the concert this afternoon at St Wilfrid's by Plura Videte Baroque and thoroughly enjoyed it. The church looked beautiful, and the concert itself was superb.


Oh Withy, Your lovely blog was just what I needed to-day. How I would have enjoyed being there. The flower arrangements are so pretty, I love the one cascading from the pulpit. There is something magical about chamber music, which I love. You have such a lovely English village lifestyle, that is hard to find anywhere else.Thank you. Tiggy xxx

Frances said...

Withy, both this post and the one immediately prior to it show me what is so beautiful about a community that enjoys being a community.

And ... I find out Launcelot is the middle name of C Brown. Never knew that before!

I loved what you wrote about the toughness of folks in your area. There is a song "New York, New York," that has a line, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere...." Well, maybe those folks should also spend some time near you all!


Pipany said...

I haven't been tpo a baptism for ages. Lovely church Withy and the Baroque evening sounds great x

Pondside said...

It sounds as though your holiday weekend was quite special, Withy. I agree with what Frances has said regarding community - you are blessed with yours, I think.

Exmoorjane said...

What a lovely account - and I love the picture too. Yup, hardy indeed. jx