Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow in the Garden

I am going to take you on a tour of the garden. Not a very complete one because the snow is so thick, but pictures taken from the paths I have kept open walking on them. First we have a shot in the utility/veg garden. I had cleared the top of the compost bin so that I could empty stuff into it.The Geenhouse has its duvet of snow and the icicles formed by the sun on it in the afternoon.

Here we have the end of the path that leads to the Consevatory. Too much snow to crawl along it on hands and knees!

I do not find the seat very inviting, do you? But the scene is pretty.

To the left of the last picture, this is a plant of Senecio greyii, that looks even more enormous under its coat of snow. The Holly that we decapitated is looking rather sad.

What happens if this falls on my head as I walk under?

The same path from the other end.

Anyone for cucumber sandwiches?

The herbaceous borders.

This shrub looks nicely wrapped up!

And to finish, here is Roly's memorial seat, and the oak planted to celebrate the Millenium.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

More snow pictures and icicles

Here are some icicles for starters. The first one is taken through the glass of our bathroom window.The second is some more of the same - from outside this time.
This is the biggest collection that I found walking round the village.

To end here are three snowy pictures. The first is a view looking north over a tiny quarry where they got the stone to do the roads, back in the 1920's

This Chapel has been bought and is being converted into a holiday home. They came to connect up the water pipe on the green yesterday. I can think of better conditions for a job like that!

I put my car out here the day before yesterday as it is beside the road. There was even more snow on it today.

This scene has been on my blog before, but the snow is just getting deeper and deeper, which makes it look different. I have to make my way out to the washhouse every morning, knocking snow off the shrubs that are hanging right down. The bird food lives there, so the trip is a must.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Another walk

Pictures of icicles on my greenhouse

Today we went together up to the third turbine. Here are some more pictures

G walking up into the bitter westerly wind

This is one of the bleakest views around here - to the Lake Distict hills. The sheep do not seem to mind

And we would like to know if you are going to thaw out our water troughs

Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Wintery Walk

There has been a little more snow here since these pictures were taken in the garden. They are in lieu of flower pictures for Christmas/beginning of January.

Today, I went for a walk. First up to the Church, then on around the place to take pictures of the countryside. I think that they speak for themselves. I have included the Red Setter because he was the one truly lively thing that I saw!! The horses were marginally pleased to see me, but I had no food. Otherwise, apart from a few birds and the tractor, it was a dead but very beautiful scene.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas 09

For the last few Christmases, I have taken pictures of flowers out for Christmas. This year there was nothing. There may have been the odd Helibore under the snow but as for roses - they were brown or so bedraggled as to not be worth taking. The Winter Jasmine was also brown, but with buds to bring hope. Since then the snow has increased and we are almost, though not quite, snowed in. I shall be back with pictures of flowers as soon as possible and will probably add a snowy picture to this blog. Happy New Year to anyone reading this and farewell friend to one of my followers, Woozle, who is now at peace.