Monday, 25 May 2009

Trip to the South Part 1

Had a horrid drive to the south. First of all, we came to the Military Road, not far from home, and it was clear that there had been an accident on the A69, because there was a great queue of traffic coming up from Hexham, with many heavy lorries. Someone kindly let us in and we joined the continuous string across to Carlisle. Luckily, it movcd at a reasonable pace so we were only about 10 minutes late joining the M6.
As we reached the Lake District, the rain started and poor G could hardly see where he was or where to go - falling rain and spray from lorries horrendous. It stopped not long after the Lakes and we stopped for lunch at Charnoch Richard. Then I took over and had 'weight of traffic' hold-ups most of the rest of the way. There was only one accident to blame. It took us about 8 hours to do a 6 hour journey.
We finally arrived in Ilchester and the Ilchester Arms. I had found it on the internet and luckily it was a lovely small hotel with good food and a cheerful, helpful staff of young people. Our room was very small but the beds were comfortable.
On Saturday morning we went to Sherborne. The School is partly in the old Abbey buildings, alongside the Abbey itself. This is a fabulous building with stunning fan vaulting. Sadly I do not have any pictures. For some mad reason unknown to me, I didn't take any. The town is attractive too.
We returned to the hotel with time for a short rest before changing into "smart casual" and warm with it! Then we managed to find our way through the Somerset lanes to Thorney Lakes and Caravan Park. We drove through the park and set off down a track through the fields. After a while we saw a sign that said "Wedding Car Park" so we knew we were in the right place.
It was fabulous. A wild life reserve with a fishing lake, with stringent controls. On a level area of grass by the lake, was a marquee. We found some 70 or so people, many of whom were my relations. The bride, (my youngest brother's middle daughter) was beautiful and her new husband a very happy man. Although not too warm, and with heavy showers, it was a very happy occasion.
I was wearing my mother's pearls and a diamond bow brooch, to bring Ma to the wedding. This gave the bride much pleasure. She was wearing her other Grandmother's pearls. When the group photo was taken, there was a race with the rain and there was a double rainbow. The bride was convinced that both Grandmothers were there in the rainbows. I am tempted to agree!
The barbequed pork was delicious. The speeches were not too long! As the driver I did not have much to drink, so kept a clear head. My youngest great neice possited on my shoulder, but I had a lovely time with her, she was 8 weeks old. The next, and last, two of that generation left to get married were there, discussing when each would have their weddings. They both got engaged recently A really happy evening. Sadly, G had had enough too long before it was dark to wait, so we left before the fire balloons were let fly. I gather that they were magic.
Of course we got lost on the way back through the lanes, but we made it safely and slept the sleep of the just.
I am afraid that all the pictures are explicitly of people, so I cannot post any. Result - a boring blog!
Hopefully the rest will be better, with pics.


Frances said...

Withy, this is not at all boring. What you've written well is a very wisely observed view of what family connections can mean.

I view this from the States, where we are a generation or more away from any connection to any traditions. Atlantic or Pacific. I know that we all have families across the globe.

Sadly, and get out hankies if any of you are sensitive, I just wish that I would have children to whom I could pass along my notions about generations and traditions. These would be so, so different from what was passed along to me.

Withy, so sorry to do a little rain on your post, but your posting really did set loose lots of thoughts.


Withy Brook said...

Frances, sorry to have upset you. Thank you for pointing out the good side of the blog!

ChrisH said...

No, not boring, Withy. I love that both grandmothers' sets of pearls were at the wedding.

Calico Kate said...

Withy, what a lovely blog about what was obviously a really lovely and happy occasion.
Really touching re the two rainbows, how beautiful.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Pondside said...

Not boring at all, Withy. I love the idea of the two grandmothers being at the wedding - in the rainbows and in the jewels.
The last time I went to Denmark I wore a diamond ring from The Great Dane's mother. I had the intention of wearing it until I met one of her grandnieces who would appreciate it. I found her, and she was delighted - but not as happy as I was to be able to pass it along.

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