Monday, 3 May 2010

May Garden

My May garden is a little short of colour, but there have been developments that have not appeared on my blog. We have bought an Arbour and have placed it as an exclamation point at the end of the path through the herbaceous borders.
I have just planted a Clematis Josaphine on one side and a Rose Lavinia on the other. I am hoping that they will climb over and flower and generally cheer us up.
I am already sitting on the seat and enjoying the silence, or bird song and just 'chilling out'
Nearby is this Osmanthus delavayi. It is covered in flowers and has a lovely scent. There is another small one, which is flowering nicely, but I need it to grow.In the path is this Saxifrage. I have reduced the clums enormously, as it spreads and spreads. It had taken over the path, but now I want a bit of order!

This is a lovely patch of yellow by the pond. I found a frog, while cleaning the pond a few days ago. I do not know where the toad is that appeared in the middle of the dining room and which I put by the pond.

I like the brightness of this shrub in front of the Ribes.

Here is the Old English Rose border, that you meet as you enter the garden, with geraniums and aubretia growing below. I hope that I shall be able to post picture later, with roses out.
And to finish, this is Withy's joke. A Salix grafted onto presumably a Salix wand. The shoots have to be cut hard back after the catkins die. Is it a tree, with giant daffs or the other way round?