Thursday, 5 November 2009

November Garden

Rather belatedly, here is my November garden, pictures taken on the 2nd November.

This Viburnam will flower until next April.

The berries on the Sorbus are eaten late, so we have the display for ages. The branches are well weighed down

The small Mahonia is flowering well and is seen here in context.

Graham Thomas is the best value of my Old English roses, flowering off and on till christmas The Hydrangea came from a co-in-law and is fairly small, flowers well and does not mind our limy soil

The fairly new shrub bed in the far corner is looking appropriately autumy

I love my brave little cyclamen who press on through foul and cold weather and spread themselves too.

Betula ermanii pendula is a joy throughout the winter with its creamy-white stem. The two young ones will not add to the view from my bedroom for a year or two.

The beech hedge was one of the best things I did when I first came. It is a marvellous shelter for the vegetable area.