Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A re-vist to part of the Garden

This is the full picture which I tried to put alongside, but for some reason, I couldn't made it work. In fact, I have grown to be rather like the close-up of a small bit!

Things always move on in gardens. Some things go over and others come out - that is the nature of things.

Today we are going to revisit bits and add a bit.

These people were out on the Green, they are orphans. The black one has since died so the brown one is very lonely. The farmer always has a few orphans, who are brought up on the green, with lots of bottles of milk. Later they join the flock, but they never do as well as the rest. Very hard work.

This box was made by a local joiner to hold the papers. They used to be delivered into the

telephone box, but 'They' took it away, so we bought a plastic box and put it by the Village notice board, then we bought another and another because they broke, leaked, blew away and so on. In the end G decided that we had to do something better. All the people who get papers contributed. Unfortunately, today was the first wet test and water gets in when the lid is opened, so we have got to be inovative!

This is the second year for this Morello Cherry on the North wall of the house, near the back door. I hope that some of them will set and develop. I shall have to net it if so, otherwise my friends the Black Birds will get them all!

This does not do the Lilac justice. Maybe I took it a little early, it got better than that, but now the first flowers are beginning to go brown. It is by the back door and has been magnificent.

Here is one of two winter hanging baskets by the back door. I haven't had winter ones before, but saw these in a garden centre and decided to give them a go. They have been a great success. I am trying small trailing pansies for the summer ones - planted them yesterday but I'm not sure whether they will work.

These Hostas are near the Conservatory. They are two of many in the garden. I am extremely lucky that the slugs do not do much damage. These, like the rest are now much bigger. They were taken about 10 days ago.

This is a Viburnum - which one? It has been like a waterfall. Just going over now.
You can just see the bird feeding place. There are masses of birds about now, lots of them babies - standing there shaking their wings and saying 'Pleeease feed me' .
This is the same Viburnum seen from the other side - the vegetable garden.
Then I thought I would give you a view of said veg garden. Things are still small - it is no good sowing too early here even with global warming

That's enough for tonight. We will see some more of the front garden next time - soon! And cross the drive too before too long.


toady said...

I love viburnum. We call it the snowball tree.

countrymousie said...

Loved all your pictures - I am a bit of a Hosta freak. I grow most of mine in pots now to fool the slugs.
I liked walking through your blog and coming across the photo as I went - lovely.

Suffolkmum said...

Love hostas too - and that lilac looks wonderful, whether or not you think you did it justice! Like Mousie, I like 'walking' through your blogs too. Very impressed with your veg garden - we have quite a small garden, so have veg all mixed up with the floweres and herbs like an old-fashioned cottage garden. I need more room though, so we have just reclaimed some land from behind the shed and are busy planting out now.

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely garden. I'm pushing on with mine which is only a year old, but so many of the plants I want are not easily found in nurseries in France. Lots of geraniums, but.....! Gardening is truly a blessed occupation, isnt it.

Pondside said...

Oh - I'm coveting your greenhouse and orderly vegetable garden! The winter hanging baskets are gorgeous and I just might steal that idea.
Thank you so much for the warm and thoughtful comments you've left for me over the last few days.

Milkmaid said...

Wow your veg garden is so neat, I'm losing the battle again, as I'm spending more time in Mothers garden than my own, did sow some lettuce today

Faith said...

Love all your pics. Your garden is great, you must work hard. I'm very impressed. Its nice seeing pics of other people's gardens - inspirational!

@themill said...

Catching up. Your garden looks fabulous. I'm also trying trailing pansies for the first time. We shall compare notes. I will try to get to Kirkheaton, but I have holiday cottage changeover every Saturday, so it will be dependent upon how clean and tidy (or not) the place is left. Will wear my uniform tho'.