Friday, 1 June 2007

A bit of rambling

What a lovely two days we have had! And it sounds as though it will go on. What a lot of gardening has to be done. Some of it has been - lots is waiting.

Yesterday was my Hexham day. Got there in good time and bought some bedding plants to put into a bit of the garden that has been wasted for several years. Then did the other routine things and then escaped to a Farm Shop which is arguably one of the best. Bought lots of vegs but disappointed that there was none of their asparagus. Apparently the cold nights had discouraged it! As that was the main reason for going there I was a little upset, but they were offering tasteing of an excellent ham, asparagus and cheese dish which was delicious so I went away happy!

In the afternoon, I planted some of the bedding plants and did some weeding in the veg garden.

It was there that I thought that you should hear about the strange behaviour of the Parsley. Last year I let a plant seed by mistake and covered some more with a cloche which meant that I always had some available. Earlier in the spring, I was sowing various seeds including parsley. Nothing came. BUT around the one that had been under a cloche, there are numerous parsley seedlings! So all will be well. I should have some to pick before too long and certainly some to cover for the winter. The one that was covered last winter will be allowed to flower and seed so I expect to have some for next summer.

Today, I had to go to my dentist to have a filling where I had broken a bit of tooth. Luckily, there was a filling there already, so I did not have to have the horrible numbing injections. I now have a renewed tooth. As the dentist is not far from the Farm Shop, I went back and bought some lovely fresh asparagus as well as a pack of the dish being tasted today. Yesterday's was much enjoyed, so bought some of those for the freezer too. I went on from there to my favourite Garden Centre. Couldn't resist some more bedding and also fell for a Ceanothus. We have not been able to grow them, but have a feeling that global warming has gone far enough to let us do so now. I actually went there to get a small version of any upright conifer in a small pot. I have a small stone thing with a fairly small hole in it. I grow upright conifers in it until they die, then replace. Found one and brought that back too.

This afternoon, planted some of the bedding plants - when (if) they are in flower, I will put up a picture. Also, planted the Ceanothus in the same area. It should be reasonably protected. The Thyme went into the herb area (I don't call it a herb garden because it is very hit and miss. Things go in as and when!) Then I went round the front garden, tying up and cutting down! A red rose on the front of the house, which we have not yet visited, is coming into flower and had two bits that needed tying in. The Russian vine, also not yet met, had a considerable lot cut off. As it can grow 40 feet in one year, that was not surprising! Then into a bed that again, you have not yet met, and found that there was rather a lot of a Weigelia that had died, It has just come into flower. I cut out the dead so it looks better. Then went to the area that you have travelled already and did various bits of tidying up.

Things are coming out so fast just now that I can't keep up. Hopefully, tomorrow I shall take you to the other side of the drive. And there will be lots more pictures. Till then - goodnight.


Pondside said...

We've been feasting on asparagus for quite some time now. We had some of our own and the rest from the markets. I love it roasted with a bit of olive oil.
I have two Ceanothus - the deer did a lot of damage to them this winter but there are buds. I'll take a picture for you when they are in flower.
Can't wait to see the Russian Vine! Have no idea what it is but love the rate of growth!

bodran... said...

Every thing seems to have gone mad in the garden especially the weeds.We have 3 russian vines they have bad press but i love them they grow over our trellis along with the ground cover rose[wish i knew its name]That climbs better than any climber i've had! and looks lovely because they flower together..Hhhhmm asparagus..We are coming to Hexham soon,researching the family tree..xx

Suffolkmum said...

My parsley has gone absolutely mad this year - it's taking over the herb garden. Oddly the rosemary isn't doing as well. I do love asparagus, must start growing my own. I love ceanothus too, I have a gap by a fence where I'd love to plant one, but fear it will be too shaded.

bodran... said...

We are looking for the parker morris link, and i want to look at a few houses where ancestors have lived in the area.. it would be lovely to meet you..xx

KittyB said...

Thanks for your comment - we're in Danby Wiske near Northallerton, do you know of Sam Turner's in Northallerton, ye olde-fashioned agric/hortic merchants? That's us anyway - husband's family.
I will certainly try to pop over to Worsall on 1st, I went to school at Teesside High so Yarm is very dear to my heart (home of the Yarm boys!), however, has changed to footballer's wives-ville recently so I don't go so much now, but you've got to go to Strickland & Holt now and then.

Cait O'Connor said...

Good news! I have added La Mer by Charles Trenet for you! I do remember it, it's lovely. UPL also wanted it

Woozle1967 said...

Hi Rho, just catching up. You made my hairs tingle as I have just bought another ceanothus too AND cut out the dead wood from my weigela that I thought I'd lost! Have tried to grow asparagus over the last 6 years but to no avail but there is plenty locally grown. But still hate to fail at it!xx

Himalayan Blue said...

Hi Withy! Thank you for your messages. I don't always have time to blog myself, but I do pop in from time to time to check how you are all doing!

MaidofKent said...

I wish I had your garden, it's SO beautiful. Please do not say disparaging things about the herb garden however ( because that's what i call mine, and I'll bet you a shilling yours is no worse than mine is!)