Monday, 14 May 2007

A Little Further Stroll

Before we move further round the right hand lawn, we must catch up on the way we have come already

Just inside the back gate, I mentioned a crab - it is now fully out. That shows you how far behind most of the country we are! Then, a little further along is a large white lilac. It had been promising much for some days and today it really is coming out, though still a way to go to be at its best.

The Kerria is just about over, but a Laurustinus in the bed by the Conservatory is flowering very well and I will try to take a pic between downpours to put here later.

On the way through the little gate, the yellow tree Paeony on the right is almost out. It sets seed most years, but I have not managed to germinate any.

In the far right corner, by the 'well' is a Prunus amanagawa which is blooming like anything,
Now, we follow the lawn back towards the house. There are a number of small plants in flower, which I thought I could show you, but can't find it. You've got one from May last year instead and taken from the other lawn. Half way along there is a Rose, Isfahan on a metal support. You may hear of this later on, when in flower. It looks hopeful at the moment.

And now the Broom - not as good a picture as I should like, but too late to get a better one this year.

As you look at it, behind your left shoulder, is a bed of Austin roses. Not doing very well but they will certainly flower before too long. Here is a picture of Graham Thomas taken on 27 December, 06, in mid Northumberland at 650ft up. Quite extraordinary!
So sorry, the pictures have a will of their own tonight and I can't make them go where I want! Still, they are there to see.

That's it for tonight. We will go to the other lawn next time, I hope!


toady said...

Glad you managed to get back in. Garden is looking fabulous Toady

Milkmaid said...

Very envious of your garden, don't seem to get the time for mine, used to when the Rabble were younger, we could spend hours out there, but now it's dash here and there....... ah one day, I'll print off some of your pics for inspiration

Pondside said...

Another lovely walk in the garden. I am envious! The white lilac sounds gorgeous - I can just smell it!

Suffolkmum said...

I do love white lilac. A lovely tour as ever. Just caught your one from below - Cambo is lovely, I used to often go to Wallington and have tea in the stable block as a treat with my grandparents.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Brilliant - not feeling great - but can still go for a walk in the garden!

muddyboots said...

lovely garden don't get time for much gardening these days, so l'll keep viewing yours.

bodran... said...

It's gorgeous so well maintained and established..and your house looks splendid in the background...i'm trying to catch up with you all but i've been busy and trying to do real work on the computor very boring,What agood idea to take us all for a walk around your garden,we should all do it..xx

Eden said...

Can't wait to hear about your Isphahan. I ordered one on our last garden -- it sounded such a delight in the catalogue, but it never amounted to much. Maybe yours will re-inspire me.
We have a deliciously scented Gertrude Jekyll out by our front door. It and the Zepherin Drouhin make such a lovely scent as you fumble with the keys in the lock.
Our white lilac pitifully lacking in bloom this year. I wonder if it is because it is too young -- only three years old, and had four small heads.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Have just wandered round your garden with you-what a lovely tour.