Thursday, 24 May 2007

Catching up

I haven't blogged for ages, just a few comments on the main blog page. Now I can't remember what I last wrote about, apart from the garden on here.

Oh well - lets go to Saturday. A lovely day and I spent it in the car and a Hotel. It was worth it though. The drive was pleasant - not too much traffic and the countryside looking lovely. The Hotel was too hot but the people and the food were more than good - 103% perhaps?

I always enjoy my old School gatherings. Although the Association will have a limited life as there are no new members anymore, (for various reasons), I feel sure that it will see me out! We had a Committee meeting in the morning, which meant I had to make an early start, but we had lots of good discussions, then to the bar where the drink was free and there were a number of my old school mates and others I have got to know well over the years. No skool uniform but we do have a badge and I had remembered to wear it. Only problem - I had 1 3/4 hours drive home, so had spitzers. Excellent lunch in the best of company and then the Association AGM. I am arranging a visit to Durham later in the year, and was able to drum up some support. By the time it got to about 4.0 I was exhausted with all the lovely chatter. (It was abit like it might be if a group of us purple lot got together!) Got home without falling asleep at the wheel.

Had to leave this earlier as I was the host for a meeting of our new Local Ministry Group. This is a small group of people from the United Benefice (3 parishes and 4 churches). This evening we were discussing how to provide for the young in the parishes - not just the church people. Lots of ideas and I am sure something will come out of it all. Since then I have been talking to my son for at least 50 minutes. They are in the process of some major alterations to their house so he had lots to say (as if he didn't always!) Better be careful because I think he may well find us before too long!! As he is of a similar age to many Purple coos, he will probably understand more of the mad house chat than I do!! Only joking!

When I have got the notes written up from this evening, which will have to take precedence tomorrow, I am going to take those who are interested back to see one or two new photos of the first part of the garden tour, before we move on across the 'drive'. Look forward to seeing you there.


Pondside said...

I've got my ticket for the tour up the drive!!! I love your garden tours, so I'll be waiting at the gate.

Woozle1967 said...

You don't need me to tell you what an absolutely amazing place you have! Gorgeous, gorgeous garden. Can't wait for the next tour! This site is brill because we can share so much more with these fab photos.xx

Suffolkmum said...

I've got my ticket for the tour too. Glad your association meeting was fun - how lovely to see so many school friends. I'm only in touch with a coupe of people from school.
By the way - yes, my parents tell me that we did go to Wallington pre-NT days! My aunt occasionally is a steward there.

Fennie said...

Love Durham and Northumberland - all the NE in fact. It's fun to meet people you haven't seen for a very long time. Sometimes you can throw aside 40 years or more and carry on almost where you left off - the same conversation almost. With others there's just a blank wall - nothing remains.
Glad you had fun.

Milkmaid said...

you are brave going to a school reunion, i was invited to a college reunion but chickened out, too many memories, best left that way

Anonymous said...

i love garden tour its so lovley looking at the pitcures jep xx

Grouse said...

My school reunion just made me realise how lucky we had all been to be where we were when we were there. Many of us have syed in touch since and have continued to be in such support of each other...a bit like meeting all over again!
Dont you think a garden transends age and ages?
Thanks for the support.

bodran... said...

You've certainly had a busy enjoyable time, see you in the garden..x

annakarenin said...

it is funny we were the final year of a Grammar School and yet we have never had a school reunion. Don't think it will ever happen now as last year we all hit 40 so it would have been then or never.incredible to think that out of 80 + women not one of us was the organising type!!
Presili Mags is doing a tour of her garden as well, such a good idea.