Monday, 7 May 2007

What a busy Weekend!

Before I start on the weekend, I must say that it is great to hear how many people are involved with their local schools. It is the most satisfying thing, even if exhausting!

Now the weekend. We had a cousin of G's staying, so:

On Saturday, we went to Wallington. First we 'did' the gardens. So you'll see a few pictures above - I have failed to move them to where I wanted to. Last time, I could. don't know what I've done different. After lunch in the cafe, we 'did' the house, which is always lovely to see, however many times we go. I love to talk to the volunteers, while our guest(s) ooh and ahh ably abetted by G! We came home to 'Sunday' dinner ie a roast.

On Sunday, we got away in good time, leaving G to recuperate! and went to Alnwick Gardens. As there was a gale blowing, the water features were not fully working (to conserve water), but she was impressed all the same. She was blown away by the walled garden, which pleased me greatly as I think it is marvelous, but some don't! We had lunch (a bowl of soup) in the Restaurant. A. was overcome by the wash basins which change colour! After that we walked down to the Castle and gave it a thorough going over! She was enormously overcome by that too, especially the pictures and furniture. I was not so aware before of how 'lived in' it feels. The family really do live in it, in the winter months, - moving elsewhere in the summer when it is open to the public.

I was exhausted by the time we had done all that and A, who is 10 years younger, was fairly weary.
We went on to my step daughter's near Rothbury, stopping at Eglingham (I think! there are several places that sound about the same, and I can never remember which is which,) a tiny 11th Century Church and the remains of a 'Tower'. The church is fascinating and we spent some time there, before going on. We had a very welcome cup of tea and A. was able to catch up with her God daughter. Then home to a nice easy cold meat, baked potatoe and salad supper.
A left this morning and we hope that she got home to London, safely, before everyone else blocked the roads.

Sorry about the awful muddle but I hope anyone who visits enjoys it regardless!


Pondside said...

You have energy enough for three! It sounds as though you had a wonderful day - I can only imagine living close to such a lot of history. The photos were lovely.

Tattie Weasle said...

I agree and the photo were great esp the ceanothus (spelling ???) mine looks rather sad as it got done by the builders but it is still alive...

Inthemud said...

Sounds like a lovely day, great photos!

countrymousie said...

Your photographs are first rate - really sharp and lovely. I rather like them as you have them all over the place. I only seem to manage one at a time Exhausting though I should think.