Monday, 24 October 2011

Summer Holidays 2011

Summer Holiday

We crossed the North Sea from Hull to Zeebruger in a gale, but we slept through it! We drove to Giverny and where we had reserved a room in the only Hotel. It was only s few mintutes walk from Montet's garden.

Next morning we walked along to see the magiic place.

After walking through the house and admiring the strong colours that Money had used,, we walked through the garden's in front of the house.. They are laid out in strips, with a path down the centre of each strip and organised colour bordering it. Being early autumn, there were many dahlias and other autumn flowerers. Not easy to photograph. The path in front of the above picture was lined on either side by nasturtiums - quite a sight. - as they had spread right across and nearly joined in the middle of the path. It must look very different in May - the most popular time to visit - but they get several thousand a day then, so I would rather visit when we went.
After walking up an down the paths that you are allowed to use, we went into the tunnel under the main road and come out in the water garden.
This was magic. A different world. The garden that Monet had made. There were masses of weeping willows, now mature, and all the water, with water lilies in it. The Japanese bridges, painted green. The feeling of great peace, despite all the visitors,




We wandered round at our leisure, and in the afternoon, while G was resting, I returned and went round again. It is a magic place. Peaceful and beautiful. You are not too aware of the other people, though I fear that if you go in May, it might be far too full.
Back in the house garden, we found the naked ladies.


Next day we went on to Chenonceaux. It will follow when I get round to adding it!!


Frances said...

Withy, it's grand to see this post from you and to learn that you, a very fine gardener, have had the opportunity to see Monet's garden at Giverny.

It is so odd, that form all my school classes and my own reading in the decades afterwards, I feel as if I have myself been to Giverny. Now, as I am so much older, I wonder if I will ever see it for myself.

And so...dear Withy, I do look forward to every word and photo that you will be able to share wity me from your visit.


Withy Brook said...

Frances, thank you for your loveoly comment. I do so hope that you will get there one day. It is such a magic place and as it is just north of Paris, it is not as bad as if it was in the south.

Irish Eyes said...

This is awesome Withy; I really felt that I was there with you. Beautiful words and gorgeous pics. Going back for a second helping!

Tattie Weasle said...

Wonderful Withy and liek Frances I do hope I get there. My eldest loves painting so perhaps I will use him as an excuse. And then you went to Chenonceaux! I was taken tehre by my husband when we were courting - I find it very romantic!

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