Sunday, 22 February 2009

Another garden Development

Today, we took an evergreen out of one of the beds in the garden and planted two more Betula ermanii pendula. There is one Betula there already and this year, for the first time, it has a ceamy white stem. It is in the bed where the lilies grow from which I took my avatar.
There use to be an old cherry in this bed, with a stem that went round and round. Difficult to describe. And there was also an Ash which was self -own. One year when we were away, it pushed down the 2* listed wall because it had got too fat, so it was summarily removed. Things around there grew much better after that, but the cherry still inhibited things with its shade. About four years ago, it decided to turn up its toes - old age. I took the chance to change things more than somewhat. I increased the size of the bed and planted lots of shrub, the lilies and other bulbs. I had put in a conifer near the wall soon after I arrived and after the cherry went, it took off and would have achieved a good a good size, given half a chance.It is in the background of this snowy picture. Today, we took it out and there is no doubt in my mind that it should never have been there! I had bought 2 more Betula ermanii pendula afew days ago, and after removing the conifer, we planted on to the left and one very close to where the conifer was, As they develop, I plan to clear stuff round them and plant bulbs etc underneath. This is an example of a garden developing, as it should.
The top picture is rather dark I am afraid but it does show the bed without the conifer and if you look very hard you can see the two labels on the new trees, well to the left of the old one and a little to the right.
Below, you can see the 3 stakes of the 2 new and 1 old tree.
If I live long enough I will put up a picture of the patch after it has developed to how I imagine it will be!


Cait O'Connor said...

Even though the pic of the bed is dark I think it looks better already.

seashell cosmos said...

Me too, Withy. Just have a look at your garden, cant wait to see everything really start blooming. And there are some more snow drops. You know, I have yet to see any here so far. Well in my yard at least. So, do you have Spring Fever? I do ;) Thanks Withy. xxx seashell

Pipany said...

Hasn't it been a great week for gardening Withy? Softer weather has sent a lot of us outside it seems. Your garden looks lovely and it is always good to be able to change things a little I think. x

lampworkbeader said...

Hmm! A bad case of garden envy at Lampwork Towers... You lucky woman.