Sunday, 1 February 2009

Flowers out on February 1st

This morning I went out into a dark and gloomy garden to look for flowers that were blooming. It was necessary to do it today because there is heavy snow forcast which will put paid to some of these. The aconites above will press on under the snow, regardless and of course the somewhat late Christmas Cactus will be happy in the Conservatory.

There are a lot of snowdrops coming out, they too will survive happily under the snow, as will the Erica carnea.
The Garria elliptica catkins are lengthening well, though they never get as long as some Garria.

The Hebe is doing very well. I think it must be one of the really hardy ones, unlike the other, which was fine on New Year's Day, but has looked sadder and sadder since. Still there are these 2 flowers trying to come out.

The Helibore is trying hard and there are others that will be out soon. They too should not be bothered too much by the snow.
The Jasminum nudiflorum is a bit messy. It has not been a mass of colour - just odd ones coming out and the rest going over.

More snowdrops here, while the Mahonia
Bailii is really over but there are a few florets still out.

A bad picture of Viburnam bodnantense, sorry. It has been out since September, going off a bit if toooo cold but then coming back. It will go on till about May probably

And finally the Witch Hazel. It should not like this soil - on limestone - but lots of ericaceous compost and fequent talking to it telling it it is loved, seem to be working. It was planted last early winter, with a few flowers only. I am thrilled with it this time and the amount of growth too.


KittyB said...

Love the aconites - mine aren't showing yet but they're quite new so I think they will need some time to acclimatise. Only snowdrops and viburnum out here yet. And an unidentified white blossom on bare stems. Looks like pear blossom.

CAMILLA said...

Hi Withy,

Love your new wide blog page, how did you do it, I would like the same, me not of techical ability.

I love the snowdrops, ours do not seem to be out yet, and I love those aconites.

I could not believe it when I looked out of the window this morning into the garden, there was a single new dawn rose-bud,in this cold frosty east anglia temperature too.

seashell cosmos said...

Incredible Withy! If you hadn't said, I would easily thought it was closer to mid Spring with all those blooms. Some of the fallen leaves did give a clue, Oh, and your gorgeous soil. I have clay here and so its a challenge. I do so very much enjoy gardening. And I think there are snow drops coming up here despite the clay conditions. You will see later when I post of my 'before' garden closer to March I am thinking. what a delight, thanks for posting these!! Oh, and I have been meaning to tell you, your avatar, lilies are one of my most favorite of all time-must have flowers. I used to grow stargazer, but imagine your's are just as fragrant. another thought, your garden covered in snow will be absolutely enchanting. stay warm!

Cait O'Connor said...

I am envious of your winter garden Withy. I love all those blooms! Your snowdrops are way ahead of mine.

Pondside said...

Beautiful winter garden, Withy. So far over here we have a few hellebores and snowdrops. I'm still waiting see what damage has been done by the terrible snow we had at Christmas.

Calico Kate said...

Gosh Withy what a lot of flowers you have out at this time of year. I think we only have some camillias out just now but the recent lot of snow and frosting will do for them I'm sure.