Sunday, 1 March 2009

March 1st flowers

Here are the plants that are in flower on March 1st.

This is one whose name has escaped me -

And this is Viburnam Bodnantense New Down, in flower since September

A Polyanthus

Mahonia aquifolia.

Iris sibirica, outside

The pan that I have put up before is still in flower with the Iris.
Helibore - of the 'Purple' colour

This Hebe goes on and on.

Erica carnea and snowdrops make a good combination

Garrya eliptica is still going strong, though it will soon be very 'hung-over'

Hamamelis mollis is also still going but showing signs of ageing.

These Daffodils have just crept in!

The Aconites are the last bastions of early spring and the Crocus is a harbinger of later spring.


CAMILLA said...

Hello Withy,

Wonderful pictures of your flowers in the garden, so pretty, I love them all, love the polyanthus plants.

Perhaps our Zoe maybe will come up with answer to the first one Withy, know she is a whiz with flowers.


Puffin said...

Found your flowers at last,
I enjoyed looking at them so much.

Blossomcottage said...

Lovely Withy I do hope you are able to crack the problem of putting them in PC's Common Room they are well worth seeing.
Love Blossom

Zoƫ said...

Top picture is a Pulmonaria I think,
probably P. rubra 'Redstart' which is known for its early pinky red flowers.

Also known as Lungwort.

Hope that helps.


What a lovely Spring display, Withy. My magical holiday in Brisbane with my dear Palomina, and my adorable grandsons is coming to an end, but your photos have made me excited about seeing my garden again. It is such a lovely time, planning for the Summer, and clearing up after the winter. Thank you