Friday, 27 April 2007

Just a bit of blather

Please note the new picture of my azalea! It doesn't look the same colour. That is because I'm not very clever at this photographing lark. I promise that it is the same plant a year later!

The day before yesterday, I did a long blog about judging Northumbria in Bloom in Gateshead, Washington and Darlington but at the last minute I lost it. Much rage, jumping up and down and shouting, but it didn't do any good at all. It was all my own fault which made it worse. I'm not doing it all again, which is just as well for any visitors, because it really wasn't that interesting!

If anyone who visits, wants to hear anything about it, do comment and I'll try. Don't worry, I shall not be hurt, or go away and cry if you don't. I did say, before it got lost that I would not be back till tonight, as my brother and sister in law were coming to stay for a night. They arrived in time for late tea yesterday. I did do a bit of visiting last night and I expect that I may have done some commenting - but full of (white) wine, so don't really remember!

Today, we visited Wallington. It is a place that I am very familiar with, as we often go there, but I enjoy it as much every time. Today, the Walled Garden was absolutely lovely. All so spring fresh and full of colour and we enjoyed the house as much as usual. The icing on the cake was/were the tiny ducklings, on the large 'pond'. A family of 8, must have been pretty newly on the water. My golly, how they could 'go' - like little hydrofoils! I have just tried to add a pic of them, but failed!

That's enough for tonight, will do more tomorrow. By the way, I think it is very clever, how Matron and Co have got the important bits retained and lots of room for the odd necessary things that need to go on outside of a blog.

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