Monday, 30 April 2007

Garden Diary as opposed to Walk

Been quite busy this afternoon. First I earned a great many brownie points by hoeing the vegetable garden. Then I put a strip of that black stuff that lets the rain through but not the weeds down the side of the rabbit wire at the far end. It is always very weedy there, and I often want to walk along in my trainers just after rain. That means mud in the house and complaints from G. He's far more house-proud than me. Now, if it doesn't blow away, it will be clean. I carted lots of large stones to weigh it down.

Next, I pruned one of the Forsythias - the usual one you see all over. covered in flower. Fine. Next the other one which grows against a wall to help break up the wind that blasts against it. Oh, wait a bit. I know there was a black bird building in there a while ago. Better have a look. Nest looked more finished but apparently empty. Crept up and started to put my hand in to see if there were eggs and it all came alive!! They were very tiny - only just hatched I think. I made a rapid get-away and hope no harm done. We have had much amusement watching a male blackbird and a song thrush on the lawn. The blackbird is always seeing off the thrush. I think the thrush has a nest in the Pyracantha against the house and there is a Goldfinch there too. It blew off the wall onto the bed below during the winter and putting it back up was a major opperation. It is now propped up with a long length of wood. It will take a long time for the roots to make it secure again. I hope the nests are safe.

After that, I did some bits and pieces of weeding and dead-heading daffodils. That sounds a bit sad - nothing better to do?? Yes, actually, but it really does pay off. I've been doing it for some years and see the difference. It is practical here - we don't have huge numbers. Finally trimmed the edge of one lawn. It had got horribly long, so is looking much better now.

Earlier today I took some more pics of the next bit of garden for the garden tour, so will try to take you on it in the next day or two.


Aunt-Eunice said...

Loved your story about your hort training days. I think it's hopeless trying to remember plant names unless you are using them daily. Not that I learnt them in the first place - I did commercial growing, thinking this garden centre lark wouldn't wrong could I be! Keep all my labels in a jam jar.

Inthemud said...

What beautiful flowers! Very impressed.

Anonymous said...