Monday, 8 February 2010

February Garden, post bad snow.

Not much to show this month. The Witch Hazel is coming out at last though
I passed Viburnum bodnantense by - its flowers are looking very sad and if it was thinking of coming back, the weather forcast for this week will change its mind!

Instead, I took a picture of these golden leaves as an example of what can be done to cheer you with foliage. Around the garden there are many different greens, golds, silver and many shades of brown. They form a background in summer but are the core of a winter garden.

Hiding away were these promises of Spring to come.

and next door this Lonicera nitida is looking very sad as I had to cut it hard back. It had been allowed to encroach on the path anyway and then the weight of the snow brought it right over, so now it does not look pretty! It will come again though and I may yet reduce its height as well.

While on the sadder things, here is a picture of one of the many brown patches on the lawn. It is probably a fungus which develops if snow lies on grass for too long. It can be seen on other lawns as well as ours and the greens of golf courses are badly affected. A young man who lives in the village and is a trainee at a local course is going to get advice from his boss for us. I think that fertiliser when the grass starts to grow and a fungicide next October may be the treatment. When I hear, I shall put the advice on the Gardening Club Forum of Purple Coo.

And now two happier pictures to cheer you as you leave


mollygolver said...

Hi Withy. The pictures of your garden are lovely. What is the green/golden leaved shrub called? Its very pretty. It's been really cold, foggy and damp here today. Spring seems to be such a long way away this year

Withy Brook said...

I took my photos in a brief break in the dark, sleety/snowy weather.
You would ask what it is wouldn't you!!! I cannot remember but it likes an acid soil, which is why it is in a tub (with acidic compost)

arosebyanyothername said...

Is your shrub Choisya 'Sundance'?
I wish my garden looked half as good in the winter. It is a right mess at the moment.

Withy Brook said...

Thanks Rosie, that's what it is.

Tattie Weasle said...

It still looks so lovely depsite the brown patches. We'll be running the scarifier over our lawn soon, then the lawn pricker and a bit of fertiliser mixed with sharp sand to get it all set up for the year. Still battlig woth moss but hey it does make it look lovely and green!!!