Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow in the Garden

I am going to take you on a tour of the garden. Not a very complete one because the snow is so thick, but pictures taken from the paths I have kept open walking on them. First we have a shot in the utility/veg garden. I had cleared the top of the compost bin so that I could empty stuff into it.The Geenhouse has its duvet of snow and the icicles formed by the sun on it in the afternoon.

Here we have the end of the path that leads to the Consevatory. Too much snow to crawl along it on hands and knees!

I do not find the seat very inviting, do you? But the scene is pretty.

To the left of the last picture, this is a plant of Senecio greyii, that looks even more enormous under its coat of snow. The Holly that we decapitated is looking rather sad.

What happens if this falls on my head as I walk under?

The same path from the other end.

Anyone for cucumber sandwiches?

The herbaceous borders.

This shrub looks nicely wrapped up!

And to finish, here is Roly's memorial seat, and the oak planted to celebrate the Millenium.


Cait O'Connor said...

Beautiful pics Withy, thank you for the tour.

Frances said...

Withy, here's another thank you for that tour. It's always a marvel to see how a coating of snow changes the way that we see even the most familiar sights. Every since childhood I have loved that transformation.

It was fun to see the single row of foot prints tracking through that smooth snow surface.

Be careful on your rounds, should you continue to venture out.


Rob-bear said...

What beautiful pictures, Withy! Thanks for the tour of your garden. Please be careful when you're out walking.

You have a lot more snow than we do. (With the extremely cold temperatures we've been having, we don't get much snow.)

CAMILLA said...

Wonderful pictures Withy, thank you for sharing with us.

You have had a lot of snow.!We have had much snow too in the south east Withy, even though at times it has been quite hazardous to get about,the winter snows scenes have looked so magical here.


Tattie Weasle said...

It all looks deliciously benign. We had a great duvet of snow on the barn roof, but when it meted a bit the whole lot slid off taking the bargeboarding as well as teh guttering too - can't do anything though to mend it until the weather clears.
Still they are beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful snow! Ours is all melting.

Pam said...

Wonderful pictures Withy, thank you. Not experiencing very much snow in my life, I delight in pictures where it looks like a sprinkling of icing sugar over everything. This looks like someone has been let loose with the cosmic shaving cream aerosol!


The pictures (and on the previous post) are beautiful Withy - and your house looks rather fabulous too!

I was very frustrated to be away when the worst of the snow came, as I wasn't able to capture any of it on film. We did have similar monster dagger icicles hanging off our kitchen conservatory windows though!

Michelle Palmer said...

Beautiful photographs! Even beneath mounds of snow your garden is gorgeous!