Monday, 4 January 2010

Another walk

Pictures of icicles on my greenhouse

Today we went together up to the third turbine. Here are some more pictures

G walking up into the bitter westerly wind

This is one of the bleakest views around here - to the Lake Distict hills. The sheep do not seem to mind

And we would like to know if you are going to thaw out our water troughs


Pondside said...

Happy New Year, Withy. It looks like winter has settled in for 2010 where you live. The cattle look thirsty. Maybe you could head down there with a couple of kettles of hot water to free up the troughs..........or maybe not!!!

Pam said...

Your photo of G walking up into the bitter westerly wind, and the photo above it look like watercolours. I understand now, how the expanse of a white paper lends itself to these scenes.In my life, I have lived mostly with a palette of ochres and sage green/greys.It must be inspiring to be an artist where you live.Ponside's dangerously amusing comment about the kettles of hot water are in contrast to here in the Australian heat where we freeze beefstock for iceblocks for our dogs, and the more soft-hearted put ice-cubes in the birdbaths as the poor little creatures pant with open beaks.How wonderful to visit your winter wonderland and see how you and your animals are faring on the other side of the world.