Thursday, 10 September 2009

September Garden

When I went out with my camera, I thought there was nothing to look at. In fact I came in with quite a lot of pictures.

First there were my lilies - a little dilapidated but still there and highly scented.

The two-coloured Spireae was a present from Hampshire. The day lily came from nowhere and it is a double. One of those mysteries.

This was the only rose that looked reasonable though there were a lot that were battered.

This old rose has been moved once and now is the only one that is struggling on. It is in front of the 'elephant', a clipped holly.

The hanging baskets, by the back door, have been colourful but have now gone mad. The one by the stable door is very different.

This is a productive little apple - a miniature, not quite as tall as me. It is delicious.

There is a story to this little tree. Some years ago we went to North Cypres and visited Bel Paese, where Laurence Durrel lived for a while before the War. I had read his book - Bitter Lemons - and so asked a drinking place man whether his was the one with the Tree of Idleness under which Laurance and his Cypriat friends had drunk. He reached up and took a couple of seed pods from the tree above his head and offered them to me. 'This is the tree' said he. I took them home and sowed the seeds in a pot and put them in a frame and forgot about them. Two years later I saw that one had germinated. This is the very tree which I treasure. My Tree of Idleness.


Pondside said...

I think we should all have a Tree of Idleness!
Your garden is lovely at any time of year, Withy. Thank you for the lovely tour.


Lovely story about The tree of idleness. It looks really healthy. Its sad to see the last struggling flowers of Summer, who didn't really have the chance to bloom in all their glory this year. Love the atmosphere of your back door entrance. It heralds a great welcome.

Tattie Weasle said...

You've inspired me to go and take a proper look at my sadly dry garden - and guess what there are loads of lfowers and fruit! Love your lillies.

Frances said...

Withy, I absolutely love that story about how you've come to have your very own Tree of Idleness.

Seeing any of your garden photos gives me such pleasure. Do not disparage the beauty around you to this dweller in the land of steel and concrete.


Celtic Heart said...

Yes, it is surprising what is still there when you take the time to look. Love your lilies, mine are well over now.

seashell cosmos said...

I think the lilies are just about the last thing to bloom here, only stargazers this year but they were amazing. That little apple looks to be doing well too. Pretty soon those trees being it in the photo will start changing color,yes? :)

Woozle1967 said...

Oh, Withy, your garden looks just lovely, even at this time of year. I've just started cutting some plants back, but I do like to keep some with seed heads on for winter interest and wildlife.xx

Pam said...

Your garden is beautiful Withy and such a lovely story with the Tree of Idleness.