Friday, 25 September 2009

Holiday in Scotland Part 1

Nearly a fortnight ago, G and I headed up North. Our aim was the far North West but we were to break our journey in Killin where we were to stay in a B & B. We got there in good time so were able to visit old friends for tea. I had visited the house once, many, many years ago, but did not recognise it at all on arrival. The reason became clear when I saw a picture of it before the present member of the family took it over. It was more that twice the size! They had removed a very large addition that had been built on - 24 rooms, if I remember rightly. The resulting mix of the original house and a small addition make an interesting and unusual house. The centre is the very large kitchen, where we had our tea, which has that wonderful feeling of the centre of a family, even when that family is scattered around the country.

From there we went to a certain house with a chain-saw in it. This is very much a part of Purple Coo, which will mean little to anyone from outside reading it. We were met by a handsome Happy Snappy. His wife was in the Studio with a Wizzard. It was sooo exciting to meet the people who made our site (Purple Coo) two years or so ago. In the studio where so many of the pictures that I had seen on their web site and one that resides here, at home. They are even more breath-taking in real life. When you see all Westerwitch's pictures you simply can not be surprised that she got such a great response from the judges a day or two later. Their latest idea of putting pictures on glass is brilliant when you see it with back lighting.

Happy Snapper treated us to a terrific supper and I never heard a smoke alarm, though he assured us it had gone off, while we were in the studio. Actually I thought it was only WW who set it off. It was good too to meet the Wizard, a very interesting person, who takes a quiet seat on the Coo, but who is of great value as part of the team.

And our beloved Head Mistress? I think she was much as I had imagined, having seen the odd photo. But it means so much more when you have seen/hugged the real flesh and bones!! One thing is for sure - she is dedicated to the site and will do everything in her power to keep it going in a way that suits us all. This is no easy task and takes a great deal of her time. She is lucky to have such superb back-up from HS.

Something is missing here - what is it? I know - it is two four-legged friends. They are lovely and I fell in love with them on sight. It was with sadness that we drove away at the end of the evening, to our B & B and the start of our holiday proper.

Sadly, although I had my camera, no pictures were taken, so none to show on here. There will be plenty on the further episodes of the holiday which should follow tomorrow.


Frances said...

Oh Withy, how I do envy you your holiday up in Scotland, and your opportunity to meet those fine folks.

Looking forward to the next installment. xo

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Aw Withy it was soooooo wonderful to meet you and the charming G . . . not that you are not charming . . .I soooo enjoyed our evening together and was very sad to say goodbye and look forward to our next meeting.