Friday, 31 July 2009

Me in Seven words

So we have all been tagged! Describe yourself in seven words. Well, hee goes:

Competetive - I had 3 brothers, OK they were all younger than me, but you had to make sure you got your share. But it was not just that. I need to win/do better than anyone else, I do not often succeed but I have to try, so anything that could possibly be competetive has to be done to the very best of my ability.

Lazy - if I do not absolutely have to do something then I probably won't.

Yellow - the opposite of brave.

Young-at-heart - very important to be as young as possible. This has only applied over the last few years and hopefully it will get more and more important as the years draw on.

Huge-sense-of-duty - implanted in me by my school and my Mother and augmented by my religion. If there is something that I can do then I should do it. This results in a difficulty in using the word "No". I am just beginning to learn that sometimes one should say no.

Lack-of-self-worth. Have never known that I had any value. Early on not wanted by my mother. Then having had no contact with children, I did not know how to get on with them. Still don't really.

Bossy! - if I see what needs to be done or how it should be done then I will tell people. Sometimes they are so stupid! Have to be told! Oh dear - not very nice, am I?!!!


ChrisH said...

Hello Withy, a bonus for me to discover your seven before I closed the computer down. The legacy of being a dutiful child is there in you, but it's what makes you reliable and loyal, too. Your description of lacking a sense of self-worth makes me want to get up and tell everyone how lovely you are, having had the privilege of briefly meeting you. And young at heart - young in person too with your sparkling eyes, warmth and ready smile. I'm glad you sahred your seven, but I'd definitely swap some of your seven for kinder words.

Frances said...

Hello Withy.

As someone who has also attempted to come up with those seven words, I am very intrigued by your choices.

Much of what you've written tugs a bit at my heart, and some tugs at some memories of my own. How I do hope that you and I can actually meet one day and chat away, becoming even better friends.


Preseli Mags said...

I agree with Frances in that much of what you have written tugs at the heart. Like ChrisH I have had the privilege of meeting you and know that the young at heart description is so apt. I think you might have missed a few of the more positive words off that list (valued, kind, fair, considerate for example). Again the list provides a fascinating insight into a person.

ChrisH said...

Hello Dear Heart,
Just popped back because I spotted your very kind comment on my 7 post.

To follow blogs without
follower I just click on the 'follow blog' tab on the tool bar thingy at the top of the blog (clear as mud, eh?) sorry for the incompetent explanation!

Withy Brook said...

Thank you ChrisH I have done that.

Fennie said...

Hi Withy, Came across this after looking at your garden. The two don't go together. How can anyone who can produce such a garden be other than the Withy we know and love? Kind, considerate, gentle, caring, energetic, thoughtful, wise. There are a better seven for you.

Withy Brook said...

That is very kind of you Fennie - we can all dream, can't we? :-)

Jenny Holden said...

Gosh, some of this sounds scarily like me! You also sound like your own worst critic... I don't know you, but listen to the words used by others here :o)

Anonymous said...