Thursday, 2 July 2009

July 2nd Garden

This Kolkwitzia has given us huge pleasure for years, and it tones well with the Prunus behind it and the Berberus purpurea in front and the Senecio greyiae in front. The variegated Holly to the right, has been dealt with very harshly this year. It had got too tall and the higher part was badly affected by wind, so we cut the top out of it. It will take a while, but in the end we will have a nicely shaped shrub/tree, that can be kept clipped to a good shape.

Here we have Penelope, which I planted early in my time here, so probably about 26 years old. The red one in front is a bit younger. To the left are 2 Rosa rugosa, Rosarie de l'hay and, I think, Fru Dagmar Hastrup which is not really visible in this photo. They have a fabulous scent.

This was planted this Spring. It should be very good, when it has bulked up

This is a white climbing rose that has been here for at least 60 years. Some years it gets cut back quite hard to make it renew itself. Being an old variety, it only flowers the once, but it does go on for quite a long time.

Delphinium, fennel and a yellow flower, name unknown in back herbaceous border.

I have no idea what this rose is. It was here when G arrived, but is not all that old. One year I cut it very hard back and it came back much stronger. The yellow one is much weaker but I love it.

Isfahan has flowered better this year than ever before. It has a lovely scent.

David Austin's Old English rose, Graham Thomas in early bloom. The Geraniums below are over but need cutting back. No Lavender yet.

A pale blue Delphinium, just coming out

A view of the Herbaceous Border from an upstairs window

Here is the vegetable garden


blackbird said...

What a lovely garden, Withy. I love all of the roses and you make me just want more for my garden. I had a Penelope once and she was gorgeous. I have a couple of hybrid musks and they have such a wonderful smell.

Frances said...

Oh Withy, these are the sorts of glorious photos of beautiful English gardens that just make me greener than green in my dark envious mind.

You have a splendid garden, and I know that you have put many hours, months and years into having these wonderful results.

But all the same, sitting in this apartment, I just want to hop across the pond and be your weeder-in-chief, or any role that would let me have closer access. Smelling those roses ... bliss!

Withy Brook said...

Hop on the next plane, Frances. I could do with someone like you!!!!

pinkfairygran said...

Now where did we put our Kolkwitzia? Seeing your photos reminded me that we had one, years ago, before I began keeping a gardening journal, and I had completely forgotten all about it. Could be that plant that appeared and we couldn't remember the name... could be it died. But thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your garden.

bodran... said...

withy It's lovely i wish mine was so neat i'm open on the 27th and its a jungle and i'm stuck in the shop.

Pondside said...

I have to look up kolkwitzia and see if it will grow here - gorgeous!
Your garden is like something from a beautiful gardening book. I still have rose envy, but with the deer fence in place I have high hopes for next season.

Calico Kate said...

O my goodness what a beautiful garden Withy. I am green with envy! Super pics too.

mountainear said...

Beautiful Withy, something there I imagine to please all the senses. Those roses must smell divine.

When Frances has weeded your garden perhaps she would like to pop down an make a start on mine....

Rob-bear said...

Oh, you have an amazing garden! I which I could do as well in this semi-desert called Western Canada.