Friday, 6 August 2010

August again

The garden is looking pretty rough and ready just now but there is still some colour about.

This corner border is not that old but the shrubs are a good size now. I am still developing the back and you will see a picture of any progress in the Autumn/Winter.

Potentillas grow like weeds and self-seed in Northumberland. At this time of the year they seem to take over as they grow fast. I will be cutting them back in the autumn.

One of the many Hostas, with very few slug holes. Is this due to so many birds? Or the hedgehogs? Or both?

This particular rose has taken off this year and has been marvellous. It is past its best now, though. Isfahan was amazing in late June, with its lovely scent, but there are only very few flowers left now

The herbaceous borders are fairly colourful just now

The Astilbe is showing no sign of drought as I watered it earlier, and we have had plenty of rain lately

The wander round comes to an end, sitting in peace, listening to the birds and enjoying the part of the garden to be seen from here. I am waiting to see if the Clematis will flower again. It is certainly growing well



Withy, the arbour is coming on well. It is beautifully positioned, and I'm sure you spend happy times sitting there reading or just admiring the scents,vistas and sounds of nature around you.
My garden has gone past its best and needs a good tidy up next week. I have noticed a new flush of Roses coming on, and the phlox is giving plenty of colour.

Rob-bear said...

I see the glory of your place, and I sit and and cry. I would love to have a place of joy and beauty like yours. Sadly, our micro-holding is built on sand, and I cannot do much with it.

But I do enjoy yours. Thank you for sharing your place..

Frances said...

Withy, let me tell you, as a city person without even a window box, that I absolutely love these seasonal tours of your garden. The pictures are so beautiful ... I have to remind myself that they actually do show a place that exists.


Salle de Bain said...

Withy, you have such a gift...and such green fingers...thank you for sharing.

I am still trying to get some 'box balls' going having been inspired by your previous tours.

It's amazing how roses bounce back isn't it? I have found that often, the more brutal you are the better the following years flowers are.

Cait O'Connor said...

Thank you for the tour, you have lots of colour in your beautiful garden. I may try potentila if it grows with you, it may here. No luck with hostas though...the blessed slugs...

Posie Rosie said...

I did enjoy looking round your garden. A lot of hard work has paid off, it looks lovely.....mine started off well, but the weeds have somewhat taken over now.