Sunday, 6 December 2009

A December Garden on a Grey Day

A few days late, I have got out into the sodden garden with my camera. Last night we had 1/4 inch of rain and today has varied between a clear blue sky and heavy showers. Most of the time I was taking pictures, the cloud was building up.

This first picture is of twigs of Belula ermanii pendular, which caught my eye. Sad about the telephone line!

I only took the twigs because I was in amongst the tree to take the mahonia, which is doing very nicely just now.

The Helibore is going over now, having been in full colour for at least a month.
The two roses were the only ones left that could be photographed. Graham Thomas has suffered in winds and rain. The other is an old rose that was moved years ago. I have no idea what it is.

I planted the Euonymus europeus several years ago and it has not flowered or produced any of these lovely red fruiting bodies until this year. I wonder if it is a plant that takes some time to do so? Someone may tell me. Anyway, I am now full of hope for a decent display next year, instead of just one!

These silvery leaves are hiding away and are so much colder to look at than the many gold/yellow leaved shrubs that are all around the garden. Their picures speak for themselves.

I put in this picture because it shows two years berries. The black ones at the bottom are from last year.



Your schrubs are always so colourful Withy. I am amazed at the number of flowers still flowering in my garden. I too love to see the virburnham come into flower.

blackbird said...

I'm always amazed at how many plants flower or look their best in the fall and winter. And, it's always worth a walk out and around to take a look at them. It's just turned cold this week here so there's still a lot around that won't be here in a week or so.

CAMILLA said...

What wonderful colours in your garden Withy and winter too. For some reason my large pot of Dhalia's hardly bloomed at all this year, usually they are bursting with colour in late Autumn. Love the virbirnham.


Frances said...

Withy, your garden is a pleasure to see in any season. We had just a quick dose of snow here last night, and today does seem properly wintery, not at all late fall, no matter what the calendar tells us.

With my apartment's light and heat, there is not much chance for me to keep any plants going for long. So...when I gaze at the variety you have successfully encouraged to flourish in your garden, I can only say ... with a green tinge, Bravo!

Please do continue to show more of the pictures. I just love seeing them. xo

moosh said...

Winter flowers I have none, Winter berries I have some. Winter snow I have lots. Thanks for sharing.

Salle de Bain said...

Lovely colours, shapes and textures Withy. I have one little Buff Beauty rose hanging on for grim death...and that's it!

Your garden always looks interesting Withy...whatever time of year it is.

Pam said...

Oh Withy, I would love to walk around your garden and have you explain things to me, but this lovely tour will suffice.Gardeners always like to walk around,mug of tea in hand, and hear the stories of where plants came from, where they've been transplanted to - I never tire of it. My husband can't understand it! I loved your variety of colours and textures.

Tattie Weasle said...

Withy - After reading this and looking at the wonderful ophotos it alswys inspires me to take a closer look at my owen garden - the Hellebores are in fklower and here and there there are roses. I have alos notices that my daffodils are trying to push up through teh ground! PS: I'd never have noticed the telephone line

Pondside said...

I too enjoy the winter garden and the woods. Mahonia and salal grow wild here, but we have brought some into the garden. This year I planted a winter-flowering jasmine for which I have high hopes!

Cait O'Connor said...

Your garden is always attractive Withy, whatever time of year. I have never had hellebores, I really must get some. My garden is one big sog at the moment, thank you for sharing yours.

LittleBrownDog said...

Lovely pictures, Withy. It is indeed amazing how many things are in bloom this time of year, and I always think a sprinkling of frost is like fairy glitter in a garden. Your garden is a real tribute to you - you must work awfully hard on it.

(PS thank you for your comment on my dog post - I do love him really. But perhaps don't tell anybody...)