Thursday, 1 October 2009

October Garden

The garden looks short of colour as you walk around, but when I went out with my camera I found all sorts of things. This time, I am showing you what is left of production in the vegetable garden first. Corgettes, a few surviving carrots under the green stuff and barely visible on the left the pyramid of runner beans.Near the back door is this Sorbus, so laden with berries that it is being deformed. It should be growing upright! They are not yet ripe so I hope the berries will be there for some time yet.

This Old English Rose, Sarifa, is the only one in flower just now.

From outside the wall this is always a similar colour but is brighter now. Your have seen this rose before. I do not apologise for repeating it as it gives me such pleasure each morning as I look out of my bedroom window.

Rosa rugosa is covered with red hips, if you look hard

I have a little Lobelia either side of two short stone paths to give some brightness in a dark place. They are still doing well

You can just see the Leycesteria to the left of the Hydrangea. I do not know the variety of the hydrangea as it was given to me without a name, but it does well in our alkaline soil.

This picture does not do justice to this climber, it should be much redder. It is interesting that some has turned and some is still proper green.

The Geraniums keep flowering away. The best buy of the year!
Asters are always valuable at this time, though many are very susceptible to mildew. This one seems to be immune.

Another yellow herbaceous plant

Anemones are so pretty that they make up for the way they invade everywhere.This Helenium has not been here long but is giving pleasure at the moment. I think the grass would please Westerwitch!