Saturday, 4 April 2009

April 1st Flowers

April flowers, or most of them - Aubretia, most of you will have them out solidly. Not here yet.

Anemone - all that are left from a great many

Miniture daffodils, can't remember which, with Pulmonaria.

Newly planted Osmanthus delaveyii

Betula ermanii pendula with lots of catkins on teh way

This bowl of pansies by the Conservatory door gives me great pleasure as I go in and out.

Sadly, the Ribes flowers have been battered by a hard frost

There a couple of patches of violets. I put a single flower on the picture forum
This Salix is one of those oddities that I buy occasionally - a small, weeping willow grafted onto a larger variety. I wait to see what will happen in a year or two. It has to be cut hard back after the pussies are over.

Believe it or not, this Forsythia is the one that you see covered solidly in flowers in so many gardens.

These celandines are the precursers of a mass of yellow. They are a dreadful weed here. They spread like a plague and throttle anything that is not man enough to get above them. Some people think they are special, as they cannot grow them!

The Bergenia is a cheat, as it did not come out fully for a day or two.

Four of my Helibores. Zoë will be able to tell us what they all are, I hope

The Hyacinths, with the pansies make a beautiful patch to the side of the font door.

and Viburnum bodnantense New Dawn flowers are a last trumpet call after 8 months of flowering!


Cait O'Connor said...

Your garden is full of delights Withy. We also have celandines like weeds and are way behind most areas.

seashell cosmos said...

Ok, I am completely inspired to get out and work in the yard now digging up that clay soil so that hopefully next year I can have at least a few Spring photos like this. Just beautiful Withy! p.s. remember to take that photo of your bears. ;) xxx seashell

Phoenix C. said...

What lovely flowers!

I have just been reading your posts about Sockburn - what an amazing place, I had not known about it. The post about the old garden is wonderful - it looks so atmospheric. I'd love to visit it some time. The Sockburn restoration blog is interesting - I'll read more!

Frances said...

Withy, thank you for sharing the beauty of your garden. Each flower or shrub shows the care that has been given to it.

I'm now going to give myself the treat of reading more about your grandmother's home.


Zoë said...

Hi Withy, 3 of the Hellebores are H. orientalis, which exact variety I am not sure, but they are very like some of the Harvington hybrids I have.The greenish coloured one I think is H. foetidus.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

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