Thursday, 28 February 2008

Delhi Street Scenes

While in Delhi, we went for a ride on a bicycle rickshaw. These are a few of the pictures I took:

This is typicla of the electricity wiring in Delhi streets. In fact it is a rather better example than some.

Sorry that the lay-out is so bad. I still haven't got the mastery of it!


Her on the Hill said...

Hello Withy, enjoying your tales, photos and descriptions of your time in India. Haven't been able to read them all fully yet, but will pop back and do so - it's getting late now and I need to get to bed! I used to work for Abercrombie & Kent travel in the marketing dept, so am extremely familiar with all the places you talk about and have a thousand pictures in my head (I used to do the brochures and know every picture in the slide library!!). I went to Delhi for a long-weekend once - my God, it was a revelation. The old town was full of extraordinary sights, sounds and smells - it stayed with me days after my return to London.

Your profile is very interesting too - I'm also looking forward to reading about Singapore when I next get a mo.


Elizabethd said...

So interesting Withy. I cant drag photos at all, so yours look pretty good.

Inthemud said...

Hi Withy,

great to see your photos, fascinating.
Never been to India, so very interested to see it from your view point.


Anonymous said...

Your posts and photos of India are fascinating. I think you have done a pretty good job of including photos in your blog.

Crystal xx

Fennie said...

I could look at this sort of stuff for ages. By coincidence I saw a repeat of the Michael Woods programme on the Moguls on BBC 4 last night. I'm fascinated by India though sadly have never been there (yet)! You seem to have had a great time (apart from the Island Palace hotel!) Thanks for putting this all up. I wonder if there could be a kind of photo album on site where everyone's best travel pics could be stored?

Zoë said...

You have to wonder looking at the water on the ground, the crumbling buildings and the cable loosely strung up, how the whole place just doesn't just fall to the ground, or some dreadful accident occur. I haven't been to India since I was a child, but unlike Singapore and HK, which are changed beyond recognition, India, seems the same 40 odd years on.

I liked Fennie's idea; we could set up a community blog page that we all had access to, (a bit like CCW was) that we can post pictures on?

Frances said...

Hello Withy, Please do keep the photos and tales coming. I am very much enjoying learning more about India, through your eyes.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Wow your photos really bring home the different ways we all live in the world - the contrast between here and India is remarkable . . . There is a feeling of business and confusion and dirt - but dirt that is accepted and no-one seems to mind. I guess the Indian people have different priorities as to what is important in life.

Zoë why don't we use CCW as a community place to put photos - seems sad that the site just sits there and does nothing.

Cait O'Connor said...

Hello Withy
I have just read all your writings and looked at all the photos. Wonderful. I have never been but find it fascinating. What memories you will have of your trip.

Fern said...

I have never been either so your bog and wonderful photos are really giving me a taste of India. All the photos are great but I especially like the elepphants. I would love to see Fatehpur Sikri it must have been an incredible sight.