Saturday, 15 September 2007

Terracotta Army and China

Last October, G and I set out for Beijing. As the times of the tour companies flights did not suit anyone from Northumberland, we arranged our own flight by BA. G's son-in-law got us an upgrade (he is a BA pilot) but when we arrived our luggage was still in Heathrow!!. It arrived in our hotel next day.

We did all the usual things in Beijing, including visiting Tieneman Square and the Forbidden City and the Great Wall

Then we went on to Chian, where the army is. It was as amazing as they tell you, to go into the huge aircraft hanger-like place and to see all those soldiers.

This chariot was frequently seen on the television the last few days, in bits and programs about the army. I was amazed at how well it came out. Yes, I did take it myself! Here is a picture of the soldiers. And here is a picture of Belsay Bear from Belsay First School having a look!

We went on to see lots more of China including the 3 Gorges Dam, and having a cruise down the Yangste.

We ended in Hong Kong, which I had last visited in 1970, when I spent Christmas there, while living in Singapore.

While we were in HongKong, the Daughter and son-in-law arrived and the s-i-l flew us home. As a result, Belsay Bear was invited onto the flight deck and had his photo took!


toady said...

Fantastic Withy, lucky you. I'm intrigued by the big burial mound that they discussed on the documentary last night. Cant imagine what's in there, but as Dan Snow said, hope they excavate it before I shuffle off.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Wow - now that is inspirational . . . When is the next program on - or was last night's a one off.

Withy Brook said...

Last night's was a one off I think but the exhibition opens any minute now.

Pondside said...

China - on my list. Now you've made me want to go even more!

lampworkbeader said...

OOh! such envy is winging your way. I've never been to China.


Gosh how I envy you, I love Singapore and would love to visit China!

@themill said...

The oldest son fell hook, line and sinker in love with Singapore. Looking forward to seeing the exhibition

Anonymous said...

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